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The Inventor

I say, if you want others to be beneath you, break free yourself, unleash your beast within and start digging yourself to the core. Let the inner master conquer you and the world will be in your fist. The inner flame should blaze persistently, no matter how devastating the circumstances be. Only they sustain today, who live for themselves. “I would have…….” only leave regrets. If you have ever dreamed of something (I’m sure you would have) then follow it, chase it, hunt it down.
I’ve missed mine but you shouldn’t. The reason behind it was “log kya kahengey” what others will think and now when I see my acquainted ones stepping the success ladder, for a moment it feels great but at times, I feel shattered thinking that I should have taken that step for myself.
Now that I have lost a dream, a small part of me but here I am, still dreaming but this time a better me. It’s just that sometimes you have to let go things which once you yearned for. Either have the intrepidity to chase or let go off your hands.