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Sweet and Sour


This is true, people value things only after it has slipped away. I remember, as a kid, life seemed very miserable, following preconventional morality standards. 

Studying in school, I always wanted to skip those classes, (appearing to be) lame lectures. Break-free the barriers, eager to grow up as an adult, studying in renowned college, hanging out, spending money without worry.

Life as a kid was really fun, only those were the friends who had chocolates with them. Going rides again and again which were loved more. Crying for things, begging for more and not at all worried what others think of. But life after is much more frantic and obscuring. Precisely, worse . The fun which once appeared to be a restriction is now being cherished. Those were the days where once securing highest grades was the only task assigned. Getting criticisms for not getting the things done was once resulted in ending up with the tears rolling down from the eyes.Getting knees grazed were far better than the broken hearts. Things were just done, not to impress others, rather to please ourselves. Life was good when BlackBerry and Apple were just the fruits. 

Things tend to change at faster pace than expected. Life ain’t the same always. The elder you get more the frustrations, darker-sides, disappointments, misconceptions, loss of faith, hope, if still it (life) goes on, then a pinch of success so as to add just a little taste to it.